Creating an Outdoor Oasis

When the weather turns warm, why not turn your attention to sprucing up that outdoor space? There is no better time than now to create your dream outdoor oasis with the help of our team at Jabara's. When creating fabulous outdoor spaces, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.

Define the Space

Are you creating an al fresco dining space, outdoor family room, or both? First, define the area around your outdoor space by creating clear pathways and walkways. You can use a different height of grass, pavers, stone, and more. Next, use flooring materials to define the conversational area(s) you’re aiming to create. Outdoor tile is a great choice for an outdoor eating area or outdoor kitchen. Outdoor tile can also be ideal on a pool deck.

You might also consider defining your space by adding an outdoor area rug from our . Consider one made of durable, weather-friendly fiber to add style, comfort, functionality, and personality to your outdoor oasis. When selecting the size of your outdoor area rug, we recommend that if you’re putting a dining table on the rug, you need about 24 inches of space around the table so guests can comfortably pull out their dining chairs. If selecting a rug for an outdoor seating area, at least allow enough space for the front legs of your sofa and chairs to be on the rug.

Select All-Weather Furnishings

In recent years, outdoor furniture has come a long way. Many outdoor furniture pieces are beautiful enough to even use on the inside of your home as well. Consider a comfortable yet fashionable sectional for your outdoor space with coordinating coffee table and side tables. We also love large, rustic tables for family-style meals. Mix fun mid-century chairs in your outdoor space for an electric vibe.

Add the Finishing Touches

Love is in the details. Your yard is landscaped, your tile is installed, your outdoor furniture is in place, and your beautiful area rug is on its way. Now what? Put the finishing touches on your outdoor oasis with suspended garden lights, bright outdoor accent pillows, and colorful potted plants. Small details like citronella candles, oversized lanterns, and other accessories help your outdoor oasis feel comfortable and cozy. It’s the finishing touches that make long summer nights outside even more special.

Are you ready to create your dream outdoor oasis? The team at Jabara's in Wichita, KS is ready to help you select the perfect outdoor tile, area rug, or other flooring to complete your vision. Order your outdoor area rug today from our to take advantage of great prices and free shipping to your home. You’ll be enjoying a cold drink on your gorgeous new patio in no time!

Outdoor Oasis Flooring