Terms & Conditions

RETURNS: 30 day refund or exchange on most merchandise if accompanied by receipt. A receipt is your responsibility. Post 30 day refunds/exchanges are at the discretion of Jabara’s.

EXCEPTIONS: Merchandise must be returned in original package and/or condition where applicable.

  • AREA RUGS must be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase. No returns on special order area rugs or cut runners.
  • AREA RUG PAD can be returned only if it is unopened.
  • CARPET or VINYL cut off an existing roll will be returned at a price no greater than applicable remnant price.
  • CARPET PAD returns on 6’ X 6’ or larger pieces only.
  • HARD SURFACE (Tile, Resilient, Wood, Laminate, or Carpet Tile) flooring or any supplies may only be returned if we have more of the same product in stock.
  • NO returns on exterior doors.
  • NO returns on discounted items.
  1. Buyer hereby agrees that the terms of payment shall be Cash on Order, unless other arrangements are made and noted herein.
  2. Buyer agrees that payments made on special orders will not be refunded; Buyer further agrees that buyer may cancel a contract for purchase of in stock goods only, and that Seller will return all payments less a 25% fee for restocking.
  3. Buyer agrees to reimburse seller for all reasonable expenses incurred in the collection of any unpaid contract balance, including attorney fees.
  4. No claims for carpet pile crushing, shading, or soiling will be considered by Seller since these are not considered manufacturing defects. Buyer relieves Seller of all faults due to color or dye lot variations in all flooring.
  5. All merchandise is subject to acceptable dye lot variations as defined by industry standards. Whether or not Buyer is contracting with Seller on installation, Buyer is responsible for inspecting all purchases prior to opening of materials or the cutting of purchased products. Material/merchandise sold as 2nd quality carries no warranty for manufacturing or installation.
  6. Buyer agrees that Seller will not be responsible for delays/failures in delivery/installation caused by measures beyond Seller’s control. Seller is not responsible for consequential damages. Seller is not responsible for shortages or excess of material when a sale is based on measurements/plans submitted by Buyer.
  7. Buyer agrees to pay extra applicable charges for appliances and/or furniture moving, and the Buyer will hold Seller and its contractors harmless for any damages incurred in the moving of any materials. Buyer is responsible for disassembling and reassembling all furniture including electronics. All furniture to be moved should be free of all contents. Buyer is responsible for wall hangings, antiques, collectibles, and miscellaneous items. There are certain items that Jabara’s will
    not be responsible for moving. For example, seller does not move antiques, pool tables, pianos/organs, exercise equipment, aquariums, safes, grandfather clocks, or mechanical beds (See Installation Guidelines). You will need to make arrangements to have those items moved prior to installation.
  8. Buyer is responsible for disconnecting icemakers, gas lines, electrical cords, phone & computer lines or anything else that is necessary for proper installation.
  9. Buyer agrees that Seller is not responsible for chipping, scratching, or the breaking of any trim, molding, or furniture; including baseboard, during the installation.
    Seller agrees to be as careful as possible to avoid scuffing paint on walls or damaging trim that is in place during installation, but will not be held responsible for marring or scuffing of the walls or trim by the installation of new flooring materials or by removing existing floor covering.
  10. Buyer bears responsibility to discuss with seller seam location and/or the direction that the flooring is laid. If Buyer fails to do so, Seller is charged with using their best professional judgment in determining those decisions and will not be held responsible for those decisions.
  11. Additional Service Requests will not be processed until all financial obligations are met by Buyer.
  12. Buyer agrees to allow Seller first rights to inspect and endeavor to correct any additional service requests, and that refusal to allow either constitutes a waiver of Buyer’s rights to assert a claim or file suit against the seller. Material claims will be dealt with in accordance with applicable manufacturer’s processes.
  13. If Seller is only contracting with Buyer for merchandise, Seller bears no responsibility for the quality of the installation of the product.
  14. Seller reserves the right to rebid the job if unforeseen items are noticed during installation. Any additional charges will be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  15. Buyer & Seller agree that this contract is the complete agreement between parties, and that everything the Buyer expects the Seller to perform is written hereon;
    Buyer & Seller agree that this contract can be modified in writing only. Any changes on a job must be approved, in writing, before the job can proceed. Should Buyer be unavailable to authorize changes, Seller is authorized to make necessary changes using their best professional judgment. Buyer will be responsible for any additional charges.


Your new flooring purchase is an investment in your home. We guarantee that your new flooring will be installed to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Should installation service attributable to the original installation be required, Jabara’s will provide service to the original Buyer at no cost for as long as they occupy the residence, provided any problems are brought to the immediate attention of the Seller when they first appear.


Flooring requires regular care and attention. Failure by the owners to exercise the basic rules of good maintenance shortens the service life of flooring. Even the best floors have limitations and can be abused. Please see applicable manufacturer’s warranty for all purchased materials. Jabara’s recommends:

  1. See specific warranties as per manufacturer;
  2. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning of all floors on a regular basis;
  3. Regular professional cleaning at least once every 18-24 months
  4. If you have questions, please call our store for customer service


REFUNDS: Purchases made by check have a 14 day waiting period before any refund is issued. Purchases made with a charge card will be refunded back to that account only.

STORAGE: We will gladly store your flooring purchase free of charge for up to 90 days; a $3 per day storage fee will apply thereafter without notice.

If the above guidelines are not met, refunds may still be given at the discretion of management subject to a 10-50% restocking fee.