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Laminate Flooring Layers

Laminate is the result of fusing a combination of wood-based materials, layered on top of one another in the shape of a plank or tile designed to look and feel like natural wood, stone or ceramic materials. The most common makeup includes four main layers:

  1. A surface wear layer for protection against most common forms of damage
  2. A photographic decorative layer featuring a wood or tile design
  3. A high-density core layer for strength & stability makes up most of the plank
  4. A bottom backing layer for balance, moisture protection and underlayment

Which is better: hardwood or laminate?

Hardwood has long been sought after for its beauty, durability, and the value it can add to a home. Nowadays, to help with the affordability of home construction and sales, laminate flooring is being substituted for wood’s warm, natural charm. At Jabara’s, we offer both options, which we recommend to different customers based on their specific needs. Here’s how these two types of flooring stack up against one another:..


  1. Made from natural, harvested trees
  2. Scratches, moisture damage and wear are common, but add value & character
  3. Can be refinished many times via sanding out imperfections


  1. Made from composite wood materials
  2. Resists scratches, moisture and wear, all while being easy to clean
  3. Up to 50% less expensive to install, snapping together easy for DIY projects

WE carry the top name brands in Laminate

Styles of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is an affordable way to get the look of the wood or tile flooring you’ve been dreaming off. At Jabara’s, you’ll find a variety of plank and tile sizes and styles that look and feel just like natural wood, stone or ceramic tile, which can be installed with or without adhesive.

We offer smooth and hand-scraped wood textures in wide or thin planks, so you can make a statement with your new laminate floors!

For more information about the many styles and brands we carry, such as Shaw Floors, visit our Wichita showroom today and chat with a Jabara’s flooring expert. We’re proud to serve Wichita and the greater Central Kansas region with quality, affordable products.

Laminate FAQ

Let us answer all of your pressing laminate floor-related questions. Browse our FAQ page today!

Laminate Care & Maintenance

Follow our Jabara's laminate care & maintenance guide to keep your flooring looking great. 

Laminate installation

To pick the right type of flooring for a room, it is important to understand how the room will be used. In many cases, homeowners use laminate floors for bedrooms and kitchens.


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