Waterproof Care &

Let us help you keep your waterproof floors in great shape and looking new. 

Simple Routine maintenance

It's best to sweep or dust mop at least once a day in high-traffic areas, and at least once a week in low-traffic areas.
For high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, it's easy to incorporate this step at the end of the day - many families sweep as part of their after-dinner cleanup routine.

Despite your floors being waterproof, you should still wipe up spills as quickly as possible. No floor should have standing water left on it indefinitely.

Attach protective pads to all heavy furniture and appliances. This will help to minimize denting and prevent scratching.

You should also avoid exposing your floors to extended periods of direct sunlight, as the UV rays can cause damage. Keep blinds or curtains drawn when you are not immediately using your windows. This will help keep sun exposure to a minimum.

One of the most effective tools to cut down on dirt and debris getting into your home and onto your waterproof flooring is by placing an entryway area rug or doormat. Not only will they catch the dirt off of shoes coming through your door, but they look great while doing it!
Area rugs are a stylish accessory to add color and design to a space with relatively little work. All that's required for upkeep is the occasional vacuuming.
These mats will also serve to protect your floors from excessive wear and tear. Lay them in spots where heavy pivoting occurs - like by the kitchen sink or stove, or in an area where you do most of your food prep.
Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance | Jabara's
Luxury Vinyl Care & Maintenance | Jabara's

Cleaning Up Spills & Stains

Regular routine care is important, but you'll need more than just a broom to handle tougher jobs on your waterproof floors.
While most waterproof products today come with built-in resistance to stains and wear, they're not completely immune. Acids, bloods, dyes, paints, and more can still cause damage if not dealt with properly.
Always follow your manufacturer's guidelines for these sorts of messes. That will ensure that you don't void your floor's warranty or inadvertently cause extra damage. You'll find approved cleaners and methods in those guidelines.
In general, always avoid the following:
  • abrasive or acidic cleaning solutions
  • steam cleaning, as this can cause your floors to overheat and buckle
  • vacuums with a beater bar
Overall, waterproof flooring is a great choice for reducing the number of times you'll have to deal with these sorts of messes - keeping your to-do list a little lighter.
Keeping your new resilient-vinyl floors looking clean and new is as simple as following these simple tips to a "t!" If you have any other questions about care and maintenance for your waterproof flooring, please don't hesitate to ask Jabara's.