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The Jabara's Blog provides a place to browse, discover, share, learn and comment on today’s home fashions. From industry professionals to interior designers, our blog is a place to find community, inspiration, projects, and resources. Let our conversation inspire your creation.


Apr 18, 2021
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Refresh Your Space Sale

Apr 18, 2021

With new flowers in bloom and sunny days upon us, that can only mean one thing: Spring is in full swing! As homeowners everywhere take a moment to deep clean rooms and take inventory of the state of the household, we think it’s also the perfect time for a hip…

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Fun Floral Rugs for Your Home

Mar 31, 2021

Spring is a season of new life, new blooms, and a renewed fresh outlook on the future. It’s also the perfect season to give your favorite rooms a design refresh and add in some timely pops of color! Floral patterns represent one of the most classic motifs in art, inspiring…

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Why Spring is the Best Time to Get New Flooring

Mar 26, 2021

With sunny days upon us and the chilly winter months behind us, many homeowners are taking a moment to spring clean and get the home in order. If you’ve been eying a design refresh or room remodel, now may also be the perfect season to complete your project since it’s…

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Spring Sale-A-Bration

Mar 4, 2021
Spring Sale-A-Bration | Jabaras's

As the sun begins to shine more and the temperatures start to get warmer, that means the beauty of spring is just around the corner! To truly ring in this season of new life and vibrant color, here’s a chance to complete a design refresh for those familiar spaces in…

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5 Kitchen Backsplashes for Retro Flair

Feb 23, 2021
Kitchen Backsplashes for Retro Flair | Jabaras's

When it comes to cooking up delicious family meals, it’s always appropriate to honor our favorite traditions and recipes in our inspired culinary spaces. These days nostalgia is at an all-time high, and our kitchens are the perfect room to capture some of that classic feel! If you have a…

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Love Your Floor Sale

Feb 4, 2021
Love Your Floor Sale | Jabaras's

Whether it’s after a long day of work or time away traveling, there’s nothing like returning home to the people you love and your favorite relaxing rooms. We know how new flooring can transform a familiar space and we want to give you a whole new affection for the place…

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2021 Spring Rug Trends

Feb 1, 2021
Spring Rug Trends | Jabaras's

No matter what season it is, chic area rugs are always in style! Soft, hip, purposeful, and valuable, area rugs are instant pops of visual interest and comforting texture anywhere you chose to use them. With so many shades, shapes, sizes, and constructions to select from in our , it…

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Your Guide to Countertop Materials

Jan 12, 2021
Your Guide to Countertop Materials | Jabaras's

In the average active home, we ask a lot from our countertops! Whether we are chopping ingredients in the kitchen or getting ready in the bathroom for a fun night out, the right material makes all the difference in style, durability, and performance. At Jabara’s, our showroom is full…

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Wool Rugs vs. Cotton Rugs

Jan 8, 2021
Wool Rugs vs. Cotton Rugs | Jabaras's

It’s no secret that we highly recommend the use of chic area rugs throughout the home, both as stylish, decorative pieces and as valuable protectors of your floors underneath. No matter what motivates you to start shopping for a rug, colors and design patterns are surely important parts of your…

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New Year New Floors Sale

Jan 5, 2021
New Year New Floors Sale | Jabaras's

Every year when the new calendar begins on January 1st, we take a moment to reflect on all of our goals for the upcoming year and use the excitement of the months ahead to fuel our progress towards achieving ambitious New Year’s resolutions. After an unforgettable year like 2020, we…

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How to Use Natural Stone in the Kitchen

Dec 25, 2020
Natural Stone in the Kitchen | Jabaras's

For a luxurious connection to nature, a striking culinary space designed with natural stone tile will give your home an inspired, high-end feel with unforgettable impact. Of course, stone kitchen floors will dazzle your guests, whether you opt for slate, marble, travertine, sandstone, or granite. But have you thought about…

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6 Wood Looks for a Traditional Feel

Dec 15, 2020
New Year New Floors Sale | Jabaras's

Beautiful, long-lasting, and durable are just a few words that describe the look and feel that gorgeous hardwood flooring is cherished for. In fact, with the right look, hardwood flooring can take a house from ordinary to unforgettable. No matter what trends may come and go, specific colors, textures, and…

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How is Laminate Flooring Made?

Dec 6, 2020
Laminate Flooring | Jabaras's

The striking visuals and gorgeous textures of laminate flooring have never been more popular! Our shoppers love how easy laminate is to maintain, the valuable price point this durable surface offers, and the many options available inside the showroom at Jabara’s in Wichita, KS. The number one…

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How to Deal with Flood Damage

Nov 30, 2020
How to Deal with Flood Damage | Jabaras's

With 30 named storms in 2020, of which 13 were hurricanes, homeowners in the US have seen the most active Atlantic season ever recorded. This level and frequency of precipitation and wind can cause a multitude of challenges and damage to homes, consequences that everyone should be prepared for. Even…

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Home for the Holidays Sale

Nov 16, 2020
Home For the holiday sale | Jabaras's

With the fall season in full swing and cool temperatures dropping around us, the festive end-of-the-year holiday season is just around the corner! This year deserves fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with our loved ones, and you have plenty of time to give your interiors new life, while taking advantages…

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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider These Tile Trends

Nov 8, 2020
tile-trends-for-bathroom-remodel | Jabaras's

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel but aren’t quite sure where to start, here’s one word to get you going: tile! There are so many gorgeous classic and innovative tile options available, and it’s definitely worth considering how you should incorporate this enduring material into your bathroom remodeling plans—whether as…

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Should I Get a Silk Rug?

Oct 16, 2020
Silk Rug | Jabaras's

There is no mistaking the stunning beauty of silk rugs. Each serves as a timeless centerpiece, with the artistry and ability to transform an entire room. Featuring striking color, intricate detail, and shimmering woven texture, a silk Persian rug is more than a home furnishing. It’s an investment!Sometimes, as homeowners,…

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Should I Choose Solid or Engineered Hardwood?

Oct 8, 2020
Solid or Engineered Hardwood | Jabaras's

The natural stunning beauty of hardwood flooring makes it one of the most universally loved design elements among all homeowners, builders, and interior designers. With a wide range of striking textures, graining, shades, and distinct markings, finished wood floors can be as subtle or dramatic as desired, but all are…

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BeautiFALL Sale

Oct 1, 2020
BeautiFALL Sale | Jabaras's

Gorgeous trees, a soothing breeze, and falling leaves—there’s no denying that the breathtaking fall season is upon us! In addition to the incredible transition that takes place in nature, it’s time to give your interiors an equally impressive design refresh with amazing savings that will make you fall in love.Starting…

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