What’s the Difference Between Frieze and Texture Carpet?

The type of carpeting that is installed in your home depends on the type of look and style you’re trying to achieve. With so much going on in Wichita, KS, residents need to give special consideration to what kind of carpeting best suits their needs. You may need a style of carpeting that is designed to withstand high traffic and wear-and-tear. This would be especially true if you have children, pets or a lot of people in and out of the home or building throughout the day. Or maybe you need to impress- deciding to install aesthetically pleasing carpet that features distinct patterns woven into the carpeting.

If you want the kind of carpeting that absorbs vacuum marks, is styled in the tradition of the vintage shag carpeting of the 1970s, and can withstand high traffic and staining- you may want to consider the frieze-style carpet. If you are looking for a style of carpeting that helps retain heat and displays a certain style or luxury in your home, you would go with a textured-style carpet. The choice would be between a more expensive saxony, cable, or textured saxony carpet. When considering what carpet is best for your Wichita home, consider the advantages and disadvantages to these styles of carpet before making a choice for your new or replacement carpet.

Frieze Carpeting

Frieze carpet is inspired by the fluffy, soft hairstyle of the dog breed known as the Bichon Frise. If you are familiar with the breed, you know that the dog’s hair is composed of soft, rippling curls, much in a similar fashion as the shag rug style of several decades ago. Whether or not this is the true origin story of the frieze carpet, the point is that it’s generally recommended for homes that have a lot of activity. The style lends itself well to hiding traffic marks and pet hair, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Texture Carpeting

Homes in the Northeast part of the United States especially enjoy the luxurious style of texture carpet. Woven with tight cables and featuring different types of patterns, texture carpet may be more suitable for a home where there are no children or pets, or for a home owner that entertains. Texture carpet may not resist staining or footprints to the same extent as a frieze carpet, so invite dinner guests that are careful with their wine glasses and reduce the amount of foot traffic in the rooms where the texture carpet is installed.

Which is Better for Your Home? Frieze or Texture Carpet?

Determining which type of carpet is best comes down to a question of taste and functionality. Your personal style, as well as the usage of the room that needs a new carpet, will dictate which style is best. Just remember: a high-traffic area will require more resilient carpet, so you should go with frieze. If you have low traffic and prefer style over function, texture carpet is the way to go.