Pricing Carpet By The Square Foot?

Q: Why did the flooring industry ever go away from pricing carpet by the square yard?


A: In the last 5 years or so, it has become the industry standard to price carpets by the square foot. Most people relate to square feet better than they do to square yards. Square feet is simply length multiplied by width, and for most, this is simple math that they already know. Square yards was always deemed as an “industry secret” but for those who knew that it was simply square feet divided by nine, it made them feel as if they had inside knowledge of the industry. For our carpet store, we show both prices as they are the same price simply figured two different ways. Also, as hard surface products become more mainstream and available to the general public, it makes it easier to compare the price of carpet to tile, wood or laminate, as hard surface products will always be priced by the square foot as to not scare the customer away. Either way, it is the total price of the job that is important. It is best to always have your area measured by a professional and to have a complete bid based on all materials as well as any labor that may be involved.