7 Hot Lighting Trends for 2015

Now more than ever, it’s safe to say that nearly anything goes when it comes to lighting. Fixture styles range from rustic to space-inspired, and technology is becoming a big part of interior lighting design. Here are 7 lighting trends to watch in 2015:


1. Copper Light Fixtures

Metals are always popular in lighting, and copper is an emerging trend for light fixtures. Rose gold tones like copper are going to be seen a lot in interior design this year. Mixing copper-colored lights with marble tile or counters is especially popular right now.


2. LED Lights

LEDs have been growing in popularity because they’re becoming more affordable and more efficient. But they’re also in demand because they open up new possibilities for lighting design. They can be made very small and work will with digital lighting systems. Thanks to this technology, futuristic glowing walls or carpet could become reality!


3. Digital Lighting Systems

This trend goes hand-in-hand with LED lighting. Home automation is also a growing trend, and it’s carrying over to lighting controls. More and more options are becoming available to adjust lights with the press of a button, even from a different room.


4. Zone Lighting & Automated Lighting

Digital controls allow lights to be programmed in “zones” or rooms. With one button, you can control an entire room full of lights. It’s now possible to program your lights according to the task you want to do, so your kitchen lights could have a setting for “cooking”, and one for “homework”.


5. Smart Bulbs & Smart Lighting

Another related trend, smart lighting is a big trend to watch. New smart bulbs can change colors and brightness, and you can control your home’s lighting from anywhere with your smartphone. This technology is going to allow light to become a design element all on its own.


6. Lighting Under Cabinets and in Drawers

Under-cabinet lights have been popular in recent years, but thanks to LEDS, that trend has also spread to lighting bookshelves and the inside of drawers.


7. Use Chandeliers Outside the Dining Room

Basically no room is off limits for chandeliers in 2015. Hang one in the bathroom, bedroom, or even a closet!