Carpet Shedding

Q: I had new carpeting installed this month and it seems to be shedding, why is that?

A: Everything is ok; this is a very common characteristic of new carpet. This is quite common and should not be of concern as the shedding will gradually diminish over time.  Once a carpet is created in the mill, that carpet is sheared or has it’s pile cut to the necessary height desired for that particular style. While styles and lengths vary on all carpets, each carpet is sheared as a process in the mill.  While most of the excess fibers are removed from the carpet during this process, some will stay on the carpet after it has been manufactured and rolled up.  When you purchase a new carpet, it will contain fibers that come free from the pile with foot traffic or vacuuming. We in the industry call these “free fuzzies”. After a few months of regular vacuuming, the shedding will diminish.