Choosing Carpet For High Traffic Areas

Q: How do you choose carpet for high traffic areas?


A: When purchasing carpet for high traffic areas in your home, such as the family room, hallways and stairways, it is important to select durable carpet. Here are some quick tips for purchasing high performance carpet and cushion that meet the demands of a busy environment.  Some terms you should be conscious of and things to look for during your shopping: density – refers to the amount of pile yarn in the carpet and the closeness of the tufts. The denser, the better. Choose a dense, firm construction.  Twist describes the winding of the yarn around itself. Choose a tighter twist for enhanced durability.  Choose a shorter pile height. For Berber/Loop – choose a shorter, tighter yarn loop. When it comes to the cushion or pad, select the appropriate carpet cushion, or pad, according to the carpet manufacturer’s requirements for type, thickness, and density. Carpet cushion is made primarily from polyurethane foam, fiber or rubber. The type and thickness of cushion needed varies according to the type of carpet. Cut pile, cut and loop, or high-level loop carpet requires a resilient, firm cushion with a maximum thickness of 7/16 inch with a minimum FHA density. Berber, and other low-pile carpet, requires a thin, dense cushion with a maximum thickness of 3/8 inch.