Winter is the Best Time to Clean Your Carpets

Now that cold weather is upon us, your carpets are set to take on an array of moisture, dirt, mud and other contaminates flowing in from outdoors. While your carpet is going to get seriously dirty over the next few months, you might think waiting for warmer weather is a better time to deep clean your carpet. Not true. Here are a few reasons why cleaning your carpet during winter is a better bet.

The Holidays are Here

The holiday season means that it’s time for entertaining and guests to arrive at your door. This means cleaning appointments and rentals will be in scarce supply. If you want to get your carpets clean and pristine before your holiday crowd arrives, you need to get on it as soon as possible.

Faster Drying Time

Despite the heat of the warmer months, your carpet will actually dry faster in the colder temperatures. When the air is cold and dry outside, the warmed air inside your home will absorb moisture at a faster rate. Your drying time will be cut almost in half – which is important because the longer your carpet stays wet the more likely bacteria and mold can set in.

Cleaner Air

Did you know that cleaning your carpet can improve your indoor air quality? Winter is the season when you spend more time indoors, so getting the contaminants out of your carpet – and by extension out of your indoor air – makes the most sense during this time. A dirty carpet releases all kinds of unseen dust and bacteria into the air in your home, so getting it cleaned will make those indoor-bound months more breathable and better smelling as well!

The one thing you’ll want to make sure of is that you don’t over-steam or over-clean your carpet. Once or twice a year is plenty, otherwise you risk doing damage to the fibers. If you have any questions about carpet care or carpets in general, give us a call today at 316-267-2512 or fill out our contact form and one of our flooring experts will get in touch with you.