Why Spring is the Best Time to Get New Flooring

With sunny days upon us and the chilly winter months behind us, many homeowners are taking a moment to spring clean and get the home in order. If you’ve been eying a design refresh or room remodel, now may also be the perfect season to complete your project since it’s prime time for new flooring. Did you know that spring and fall allow the fastest, most complete flooring acclimation with the least risk of problems? Since homes are not likely to experience extreme humidity during the spring, we can help you take advantage of this time with the wide-ranging styles found in our Jabara's showroom. Here are a few key reasons why spring is the best time to get new flooring.

Humidity & Temperature

It is immensely important that new flooring becomes acclimated to the indoor environment it is being installed in, and this is especially imperative for hardwood flooring, but significant for and luxury vinyl planks as well. Springtime presents ideal outdoor temperatures and humidity levels that will allow planks to adjust to the weather with minimal change. If humidity levels are too low, planks can dry out, shrink, crack, and pull apart. If humidity levels are higher than normal, planks will absorb moisture and swell. Putting down new floors in premium spring conditions will ensure proper installation with faster acclimation.

Open Doors

Many homeowners don’t realize just how many doors in the house will need to remain open during new flooring installation. Whether it’s old flooring leaving the house, new flooring coming inside, or gathering tools and supplies for installation, professionals will be going back and forth frequently. During the summer, you wouldn’t dare leave the door open and lose vital cool air from the AC inside! Use the dreamy spring temperatures in your favor and have your doors open for new flooring when it’s comfortable to do so.

Natural Light

You can also utilize sunny spring rays to accurately gauge how different flooring options will appear in a specific room. If the room or rooms receiving new flooring feature large windows or receive ample natural light, you will want to bring in flooring samples to get a true look at the color, design, and texture of your favorite styles. Sunlight in winter and fall is typically not as full as the sunshine we receive in the spring and summer, so use the vibrant season to decide if the look you loved online is the best fit in your residence.

Ventilation & Fresh Air

New flooring installation will bring fumes, odors, as well as dust, and you will want all of the above out of your home as urgently as possible. In order to mitigate the off-gassing of new flooring, as well as the fumes of adhesive removers, stains, and sealers, you will need to create proper ventilation by opening doors and windows. For the first 72 hours after the new flooring installation, you will want to let in as much fresh air as you can. Luckily, the new plants that grow in spring act as natural air purifiers, and the temperatures are most ideal for opening up the house.

For complete acclimation of your new floors and fewer issues during installation, consider the spring months for putting your new floors down. Come visit our Jabara's showroom in Wichita, KS, and our flooring experts will help you use the low humidity and pleasant temperatures for the smoothest installation process possible!

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