When Should You Replace Your Carpet?

You might be looking at your carpet and noticing that it’s looking a bit worn out or maybe you just feel like it’s time for a change. No carpet will last forever, but how do you know when is the right time to replace it? There are telltale signs your carpet should be replaced, so here are some tips to help.


If you have carpet in a basement that’s flooded, you should remove it as soon as possible. Leaving it to soak will encourage mold and bacteria growth as well as damage the subfloor if present. A soaked carpet will need to dry thoroughly before you can assess whether it’s safe to reinstall, but you will have needed to start the drying process within the first 72 hours to be sure bacteria growth did not set in. A soaked pad underneath the carpet, unfortunately, is junk and should always be replaced.

Wear and Tear

Is your carpet looking discolored, frayed, matted down or pulled up near the walls? This is a sign your carpet is getting older and may need to be replaced soon. If only certain sections of your carpet are looking worn, you may opt for repairing those specific sections without it looking too obvious the carpet was replaced. But if your entire carpet is showing signs of age, it may be time to think about replacing the carpet entirely.

Visible Stains

New carpets usually come with a stain-resistant treatment, but with time and foot traffic the fibers start to wear and the treatment starts to fade. That’s when your carpet is most vulnerable to stains setting in. Commercial carpet cleaners can remove many stains, but some stains will never disappear entirely.

If your carpet is stained it can be unsightly, but some stains are a health hazard as well. Stains left behind from mold, vomit or pets can leave toxins behind that linger in your floor and in the air. If this is the case, it’s definitely time to replace your carpet and do a thorough cleaning of your floor surface.

Bad Smells and Allergens

Are you noticing a bad smell creeping up from your carpet, even after you’ve had it cleaned? It may be a smell coming up through the carpet from the pad underneath or one deeply set in the carpet fibers that won’t go away due to mold or mildew setting in. In this case it’s probably a good idea to have the carpet replaced to ensure you aren’t breathing in mold or other harmful allergens every day.

Carpet retains all the dust, dirt and other allergens that evade vacuuming and cleaning over the years. If you or someone in your family has allergies, it’s important that you pay attention to allergy flare ups when they frequently happen in your home because your dirty carpet might end up being the culprit.

Old Padding

The feeling under your feet when a new carpet has been installed feels cushioned underneath thanks to the padding underneath that supports it. But eventually when the padding has lost its bounciness, the floor starts to feel hard and unforgiving. While it’s possible to replace the pad if the carpet is still in good shape, more than likely both are worn down and need to be replaced.

If you have any questions about the life of carpet or whether you need new carpet, call Jabara’s today to speak to one of our flooring experts.