The Contemporary Design Trend Will Continue in 2015

As time goes on things change and so does style. One of the most common trends we have seen in the kitchen and bath remodeling arenas has been a move away from traditional styling to more contemporary styling.


Contemporary styling has been gaining steam and popularity for a while now. As the fastest growing kitchen styling in the United States, many new homeowners have stated they prefer contemporary styling to traditional styling by a long shot.


What is contemporary styling?

Borrowed from the modern design movement, contemporary styling combines functionality with streamlined surfaces and an often-stunning look. The styling focuses on created a clean and sleek look that can be gorgeous, but still highly livable.

Contemporary styling is often basic in design and color scheme. Most contemporary kitchens only utilize a color or two and the colors are basic. Steel, white, and black are the main colors used in modern contemporary styling.

One benefit contemporary styling provides homeowners is the ability to achieve the contemporary look with a few minor changes to the kitchen or bath. One easy way to do so is to use tile to renovate the vibe of your whole kitchen. It’s easy to create a strong contemporary design impact by simply redoing the tile backsplash in your kitchen or adding one.

Benefits of contemporary styling

It looks great

There is no denying a modern contemporary styled kitchen or bath looks incredible. When you walk into a contemporary styled spaced you are often in awe of the beauty, yet enthralled by the simplicity of the design.

The minimalist nature of contemporary design is often breathtaking. Once you have that contemporary designed kitchen you have been dreaming of you will want to show it off to all your friends.


Contemporary design is also a great design choice in modern times because it is all-inclusive. You can design every aspect of your kitchen and/or bath with a contemporary design.

For example, in the kitchen alone you can begin your contemporary design by updating to: induction cooktops, steam ovens, French-door refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, touch-activated faucets, electronic (no touch) faucets, LED lighting, and more.


Yes, you can make you kitchen pet-friendly with contemporary design. A common trend in the kitchen remodeling industry is to include pet-friendly features in contemporary kitchens.

Many new homeowners have begun to include features in the kitchen for both cats and dogs. Things like day beds to feeding stations, litter box cabinets to doggy faucets and of course, dog doors have all begun to show up in contemporary kitchens.