The 5 Main Benefits of Winter Interior Remodeling

Trying to figure out the perfect time to remodel your home can be difficult, even though the process will be exciting and rewarding. Everyone loves to improve their living quarters, but many homeowners worry about cost and the amount of time it takes to finish these projects. One of the best-kept remodeling secrets is to tackle your interior remodeling projects during the winter time!

Remodeling your home during the winter may seem a little unusual, but that’s because it is. That’s also what makes it the best time to start.

The “normal” time to have your home remodeled is during the warmer months. The reason most likely being that people feel like they have to stay cooped up in the winter months. However, the advantages to remodeling your home during the colder months are plentiful.

1. Contractor Availability

Contractors are swamped during the spring and summer months. Getting a project finished, or even a simple consultation scheduled, can be a difficult task with their busy work lives. During the winter months is the best time to schedule with a contractor due to their availability. Contractors have much more flexibility during the offseason and can plan your project with you from start to finish, focusing on all the little details that will really make your home turn out exactly as you imagined.

2. Less Expensive

The offseason is the time to look for (and take advantage of) lower prices. If you’re remodeling your home, you may find wintertime sales and be able to purchase materials before manufacturers increase their prices for spring. They do this in order to relieve themselves of excess inventory during the slow season.

3. Faster Approval

If your remodeling project is going to require a permit, it is best to wait until the wintertime before you file the request. Government agencies are not as busy during the winter, so you’ll likely obtain the proper permits much faster than you would during the busy season.

4. Clean-Up

While some homeowners will wait until the warmer months to remodel due to concerns about dust and fumes, current technologies can actually help make clean-up a breeze. Industrial fans, heavy plastic to block off doors, and sealing off heat ducts with a filter can help keep your home clean.

5. Vacation Time

Winter is a great time to leave for a family vacation. You get to escape the cold weather and just relax in paradise for an extended period of time. It’s also a good time to let your contractor work hard on your remodeling project. Once you’ve discussed details with your contractor, there is not much you need to do during the actual renovation process.

Contractors face the difficult challenge of working around a family’s schedule due to noise and disruption. With the whole family away on vacation, your contractor can work as efficiently as possible and get a lot of work done in a relatively short amount of time. Plus, you’ll likely get to return to a beautifully renovated home.

Now that you know why winter is a great time for interior remodeling, it’s time to start planning. Call the professionals at Jabara’s at 316-267-8833 to help you get started with materials and supplies.