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Hardwood flooring | Jabaras's

2018 is here, and with the new year comes new flooring trends! If you’re planning a floor renovation project this year, take a look at the most popular flooring choices before you start. Wood Flooring Parquet Hardwood – Solid wood pieces are arranged in geometrical patterns to form a parquet wood floor. This floor trend…

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The flooring in your kitchen should complement your decor, cabinets, and appliances, but it should also be durable and practical. Today, choosing the perfect kitchen flooring for your space can be difficult due to an overwhelming amount of options. Let’s simplify the decision-making process by highlighting four flooring categories. This will help you decide which…

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The new year is finally here and it’s time to look at the latest flooring trends for 2017. Whether you’re looking for new ideas in wood flooring, vinyl or carpet, there are plenty to choose from. Carpeting Softer Environmentally-Friendly Carpeting – Carpet manufacturers have been improving ways to create greener, softer carpets made from recycled materials.…

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Reflections Ash | Jabaras's

  Whether you have sheet vinyl or tiles, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to keep your vinyl flooring clean and protected. With a little regular maintenance, your floors will look great for a long time to come.   Here’s how to care for your vinyl flooring:   Use Doormats Prevention is…

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