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Dog on carpet | Jabaras's

  Q: I have young children and we are thinking of getting some new carpet. Can you tell me about spots and stains before we embark on such a mission.   A: With children who may constantly spill their drinks, drag in mud from the outside, allow their pets in unapproved areas, and are involved in a…

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Summer is here and the hot, sunny days mean parties, cook-outs and more people coming in and out of your house all season long. It also means more traffic for your floors combined with the high temperatures will cause added hazards you’ll need to be aware of in order to keep your floors looking great.…

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It’s hard to forget how good it feels when new carpet is installed and the way it completely changes the room. Carpets can change the way a room looks, feels and even smells, but how well are you taking care of your carpet? Here are five easy ways to keep your carpet looking newer longer.…

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