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Tips For Cleaning Tile and Grout

No matter how clean your kitchen and bathroom are, if your tiles and grout look dingy, the entire room will feel dirty. Tile is meant to brighten a home, it’s water resistant and easy to clean. However, over time it will lose its shine. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a guide to help you…

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How to Get Rid Of That Musky Carpet Smell

Q: Like many other homeowners, we have a “musky” smell in our basement. What can be done? What about carpeting?   A: There are quite a few options available to you. The musky smell is usually caused by moisture and/or bacteria. It is important to make sure your basement is well ventilated. Check the drainage…

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Keeping Wood Floors Clean

Q: How do I keep my new hardwood or laminate floor clean and looking new?   A: Taking care of hardwood and laminate floors can be a complicated process. But when done properly, the process can be quick, easy and painless. The first and most obvious solution is maintenance. Build-up of dirt and dust on…

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Preventing Carpet Problems

Q: How can I make sure my carpet looks as good as possible for as long as possible?   A: Last month we addressed some problems that often occur in carpet in regards to shedding, static, tufting, crushing, texture surface retention and depressions and indentations. This month I thought it would be good to talk…

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Young children, pets and carpet

  Q: I have young children and we are thinking of getting some new carpet. Can you tell me about spots and stains before we embark on such a mission.   A: With children who may constantly spill their drinks, drag in mud from the outside, allow their pets in unapproved areas, and are involved in a…

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How to Remove Every Common Carpet Stain

Whoops! Whether it be food, wine, wax or a present from Fluffy, it seems whatever is not supposed to get on the carpet always does. These stains are inevitable, but luckily they can be easily cleaned with a few simple steps. Here’s how you can remove virtually every type of carpet stain using products you…

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