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Basement Flooring Options

Basement flooring is a challenge for any homeowner. Basements are prone to moisture and can feel chilly and damp underfoot. They’re often the location of appliances like washers and hot water heaters that can break and cause flooding. Basement family rooms, game rooms and playrooms get a lot of wear and tear. With all these…

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When Should You Replace Your Carpet?

You might be looking at your carpet and noticing that it’s looking a bit worn out or maybe you just feel like it’s time for a change. No carpet will last forever, but how do you know when is the right time to replace it? There are telltale signs your carpet should be replaced, so…

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What To Do With Your Flooring When Your Basement Floods

With all the rain we’ve had in Kansas this year, many area homeowners are experiencing basement flooding and damage to their flooring in the form of wet carpet, buckled hardwood floors, swollen laminate flooring and puddles appearing concrete or tile floors. The dangers associated with excessive moisture seeping into your basement flooring are: damaged and…

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Considerations Before Choosing Basement Flooring

Q: What should I consider before purchasing flooring for my basement?   A: Basement flooring options are a little more involved than other flooring options. First, let me address the biggest concern—Moisture. Moisture is a concern in nearly any basement because it is below grade and the lowest surface in the home. Because of this,…

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