How to Install a Pre-Hung Door

When it comes to doors in your Wichita home, remember that a pre-hung door is one of the easiest installations for you to accomplish. A pre-hung door is one that comes pre-manufactured and pre-assembled with the door jambs and door already installed in the frame. This means less time spent by you aligning a traditional slab door into the frame, shimming and leveling the door and attaching the required hardware (i.e. hinges, locks, etc.) in order to complete a door replacement repair.

The process for installing a pre-hung door in your home involves several steps. Here are the tools needed and steps you need to take in order to accomplish this simple task to replace an existing door with a pre-hung door.


Tools Needed to Install a Pre-Hung Door

To begin the process of installing a pre-hung door, you need to assemble the following tools: a pry bar, claw hammer, nails, chisel and flat- or Phillips-head screwdriver (depending on the types of hinge screws used in the existing door). These tools are typically found in every home’s toolbox and are easy to obtain if you do not own them. You may also need to have access to wood shims, which can be purchased at any home improvement store, a utility knife for cutting away the excess shims and a carpenter’s level. You may also choose to use a pneumatic nail gun instead of hammer and nails if you own such equipment.


Remove the Old Door and Jamb

Begin the process by removing the old door from the existing jam using the screwdriver to remove the screws from the hinges. Use the chisel and hammer to remove the hinges once the screws have been removed by gently tapping the hinge with the beveled edge of the chisel. Once the hinges are removed, the jambs will need to be removed in order to make room for the jambs on the pre-hung door. Use the pry bar and, if necessary, hammer to completely remove the existing jambs from the door.


Align the Pre-Hung Door with Shims and Attach

Place the pre-hung door in place of the frame and use the wood shims to hold the door in place. Take the carpenter’s level to check the door for levelness and to see if it is plumb. Using the hammer and nails or pneumatic nail gun, attach the pre-hung door to the frame through the shims.

Once attached, use the utility knife to quickly cut away the excess shims protruding from the jambs. This is done by quickly running the knife blade across the shims one or two time to score and applying pressure with your hand to break off the shim with your hands. If you choose to stain or paint the door, simply remove at the hinges and lay the door slab down in order to prepare for a paint or stain finish. Following a good set of instructions will help any looking to improve the interiors of their homes.