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Do I Need an Area Rug Pad?

Carpet installation | Jabaras's

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers purchasing an area rug for their home is whether or not they need an area rug pad to go with it. Although it’s not always necessary, there are several good reasons to purchase an area rug pad along with your new rug.  …

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Walking to end roller-coaster ride of Type 1 Diabetes

Together we can creat a better tomorrow | Jabaras's

Josh and Sara Jabara of Wichita have been riding the roller coaster of Type 1 diabetes for nearly eight years, since the day their 3-year-old daughter began exhibiting symptoms on a family vacation that led to a diagnosis of the incurable autoimmune disease. It’s been nearly eight years of ups and downs, watching and adjusting, doing for Jenna what…

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Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Family

When deciding to do some remodeling around your house, one factor tends to get left out of the picture: the kids. And while your kids certainly are not a minor detail, we understand that when investing in your home you want something that primarily looks incredible.   You want the ladies in the neighborhood to…

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Do I need to stick with a plain area rug

Hardwood flooring | Jabaras's

Q. My room already has a lot of patterns in it, do I need have to stick with a plain rug? A. This is a frequently asked question, as mixing patterns can be confusing. If your goal is to emphasize your furniture and accessories, then choose a plain rug to downplay the floor. However, it…

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