6 Benefits to Spring Cleaning Your Carpet

Spring is finally here and that means it’s time for spring cleaning around your home – especially for your carpet. Did you know there are multiple benefits to cleaning your carpet in the spring? You’ll be creating a healthier environment for you and your family, of course, but here is a breakdown of some specific ways you’ll be improving your home and your carpet this spring with a thorough cleaning.

Carpet Protection

Save Money Long-Term

Carpet is a significant investment for your home, so taking good care of it each spring is a good way to protect that investment. If your carpet goes without cleaning for a long time, the fibers will look frayed and matted and need replacing sooner. You’ll get much more life and use out of your carpet by having it cleaned once or twice a year.

Restore Carpet Color and Texture

Within your carpet’s fibers are all the trapped dirt and particles that have fallen to the floor since it was last cleaned. Over time these particles wear out the carpet as you walk on them and dull its color and texture. A spring cleaning will help restore life and vibrancy back to your carpet’s color and texture.

Stain Removal

Every carpet will start to collect stains and discolorations with time. Cleaning your carpet removes these stains and reenergizes the atmosphere of any room. You may have forgotten how beautiful your carpet really is under all those stains you’ve been living with!

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Removal of Airborne Allergens

Spring is the beginning of allergy season, so what better time to remove the built up dust and dander in your carpet? Each time you walk on a dirty carpet where allergens are trapped inside, the fibers are unsettled and those allergens are released into the air. Things like pet dander, bug allergens, dust and polluted particles combined with airborne gases trapped in your carpet fibers that vacuuming doesn’t remove can be eliminated with a deep cleaning.

Eliminate Set-In Dust Mites

The dust in your home is largely made up of the dead skin cells we shed every three days that provide food for dust mites and bacteria that live in your carpet. Your carpet can seem clean on the surface, but there is a whole host of organisms living within your carpet fibers that leave behind feces and fragments that you’re inhaling every day. A deep cleaning with hot water extraction kill these mites and removes their refuse.

Prevent Mold

Spring is also the start of higher temperatures and increased humidity. By keeping your carpet clean and dry, you’ll be preventing any mold buildup that could occur. If a dirty carpet is subjected to humid weather, you run the risk of mold growth that you and your family will be breathing all season long. A deep cleaning using modern cleaners will eliminate any built up mold or mildew and reduce your drying time to only a few hours.

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