Autumn Home Design Trends To Fall For

There are plenty of hot new design and home décor decorating trends for you to consider this fall. If you are looking for a change and would like to infuse some new life into your old look, look to these top decorating trends that are at the top of the list.

The New Neutral Design

Instead of opting for a color palette consisting of hues like blues, greens, yellows and reds, consider instead a neutral palette as part of fall design plans. Fall neutral design ideas include the incorporation of shapes, textures and patterns to add visual interest. You can also use such objects as 3-D art, fur or faux hide throws to give a room contrasting appeal and attract attention.

Decorating in White

Decorating solely with the color white is usually frowned upon, but one of the ideas trending for this autumn is the use of varying types of white in your home décor. A white couch in a room with beige walls and an off-white rug can give visitors to your home something to marvel at, or accents and finishing accessories in white against an otherwise colorful room can lend a sense of modern chic style.

Incorporating the Curated Look

Turn your home into a museum and a place to display your quirkiness and sense of whimsy. A combination of wall and floor shelving can be perfect for displaying your collectibles and will give your guests a sense of your personality and style.

Gallery Walls

Alongside the curated look, place a group of pictures on a feature wall to create a gallery wall look. This is an easy way to add some visual interest and a personal touch to your home and draw attention and focus to a specific area within a room. You can find prints, architectural drawings and maps of your city at a home decorating store or local flea market to put on your feature wall, or fill it with pictures of your friends and family.

Achieve an Eclectic Look

If you are looking to infuse a truly different style and look for your home this fall, go all out and consider mixing and matching accessories and furniture. This approach can show off your eccentricities and decorating creativity. Matching distressed wood and metal furnishings with plush carpets and pillows will give the home a luxurious bohemian feel.

Unexpected Furniture Pairings

A design idea for this fall includes the pairing of furniture in groups of three or five in unexpected areas of your home. These vignettes can bring life to an unused corner or part of your home that would otherwise go unnoticed. Experiment with different furniture options in order to find a new purpose for an underutilized area.

Create a Distinct Design

A den or family room can be the perfect setting to show off the pieces you have collected from your travels or represent your life in your home. A distinct design is one that is personal to you and your family and can tell the story of your life. Try repurposing an old bookcase and using it as a display case for mementos and curios you’ve collected through your travels.

Create a Place for Your Collections

Instead of putting your works of art, fine china, baseball cards and other collectibles into storage or hidden away in a curio cabinet or attic, consider featuring them prominently in your home. This fall design trend challenges you to make bold statements through the display of those items that mean the most to you.

As the weather starts to get cooler and we head back indoors, the opportunity to give your home a style update will present itself. Have fun with these fall 2014 design trends!