Do I Need an Area Rug Pad?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers purchasing an area rug for their home is whether or not they need an area rug pad to go with it. Although it’s not always necessary, there are several good reasons to purchase an area rug pad along with your new rug.


Prolong the life of your rug

By acting as a barrier between the rug and the floor underneath it, an area rug pad prevents premature wear to your rug. Instead of the back of your rug wearing against the hard floor, the rug pad absorbs this stress which allows your area rug to last and look better longer.


Prolong the life of your floor

A quality rug pad also prolongs the life of your floor by preventing scratches and indentations to the floor. Over time dust can build up underneath your rug. When that happens the backing of the rug mixed with dust can act like sandpaper and slowly scratch your floor. When we walk, we tend to shuffle our feet more than actually step with them. In this case, the pad will prevent the backing of the rug from scratching your floor.


Create a Healthier Environment

Another nice advantage to having an area rug pad is that it creates airflow underneath the rug which allows for better suction when vacuuming. The airflow also prevents odor causing bacteria like mold and mildew to inhibit the rug. The area rug pads are also treated with a built in antimicrobial. Since the area rugs pads are made with PVC they can be washed in cold water and air dried!


Protecting your Hard Surface

Some people worry about whether a pad will harm their hard surface. Pads made of rubber have been known to discolor a floor over time. However, pads made of PVC (Polyester fabric coated with high-grade vinyl compound) have not been an issue thus far.


The rug pad should be at least one inch less on all four sides than the rug size in order to allow the edges of your rug to relax to the floor and avoid any trip hazards. When the rug pad is smaller than the rug, you will not be able to see the rug pad sticking out. Since most area rug pads come in a variety of different standard sizes, you can easily cut them with a pair of scissors to fit your rug size. Area rug pad is very versatile, so make sure not to discard the overage. Any leftover pad can be used under couch cushions, between mattresses, as cabinet liners, or under furniture legs to keep from sliding and scratching!