5 Summer Hazards For Your Floors

Summer is here and the hot, sunny days mean parties, cook-outs and more people coming in and out of your house all season long. It also means more traffic for your floors combined with the high temperatures will cause added hazards you’ll need to be aware of in order to keep your floors looking great.


Water is a key element of summertime fun and activities, so you’ll need to watch out for family and friends tracking wet feet through the house after swimming or playing in the water outside. Make sure everyone dries off before they come inside and place mats near doorways to prevent slips and falls and moisture collecting on your floor. Make sure coolers and ice aren’t melting onto your floor as well and be quick to wipe up any spills. Your pets will also take in more water this summer, so make sure they aren’t making any wet messes around their water dishes.

Bare Feet

Bare feet are a common sight in the summertime when kids are playing outside that leads to mud, dirt and sand being tracked across your floors. Make sure everyone wipes their feet on your mat before coming inside to prevent dirty floors and possible scratches and other damage to the finish of hardwood floors. Secure your floor mats to the floor as well so they don’t become slip and falls hazards themselves.


With all the added entertaining of the season, spills in the kitchen and around the home are a lot more common during the summer. Condiments have a tendency to find the floor a lot, beverages get spilled easily and food drops from paper plates all the time so make sure your home is ready for spills by having a roll of paper towels handy or kitchen towels and a floor cleaner on hand to quickly wipe up any spills before they do damage to your floors.


When the hot sun shines in through your windows, your floors are exposed to a lot of heat from sunlight. This can cause your floors to fade or become discolored, so consider closing blinds and shades during the time of day when your floors are exposed to direct sunlight. Doing this will allow in less heat and help your air conditioner keep the house cool as well.


Along with the added heat summer brings, there is also the factor of increased humidity that can potentially wreak havoc on your floors. Most flooring manufacturers recommend keeping the humidity level in your home below 55% during summer months to keep the wood from warping. Consider adding a de-humidifier to your home if the humidity level is too high.