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Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring – Which is Better?

If you’re a homeowner shopping for new flooring for your home, you might be considering installing either hardwood or laminate. Both options have pros and cons, so here’s an overview of the differences between the two. This information can help you decide which product is better for your family’s lifestyle and budget. Differences between laminate…

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5 Summer Hazards For Your Floors

Summer is here and the hot, sunny days mean parties, cook-outs and more people coming in and out of your house all season long. It also means more traffic for your floors combined with the high temperatures will cause added hazards you’ll need to be aware of in order to keep your floors looking great.…

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6 Ideas for Your Garage Floors

It’s summer time. That means it’s time to get some of those honey-do projects out of the way. The garage floor is a great place to start. Interlocking Tiles Interlocking Tiles are very easy to place and offer a variety of customization. If you decide to change the layout later you can. These tiles can…

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