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Archive for May 2014

How to Install a Pre-Hung Door

When it comes to doors in your Wichita home, remember that a pre-hung door is one of the easiest installations for you to accomplish. A pre-hung door is one that comes pre-manufactured and pre-assembled with the door jambs and door already installed in the frame. This means less time spent by you aligning a traditional…

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Choosing Carpet For High Traffic Areas

Q: How do you choose carpet for high traffic areas?   A: When purchasing carpet for high traffic areas in your home, such as the family room, hallways and stairways, it is important to select durable carpet. Here are some quick tips for purchasing high performance carpet and cushion that meet the demands of a…

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Pricing Carpet By The Square Foot?

Q: Why did the flooring industry ever go away from pricing carpet by the square yard?   A: In the last 5 years or so, it has become the industry standard to price carpets by the square foot. Most people relate to square feet better than they do to square yards. Square feet is simply…

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Considerations Before Choosing Basement Flooring

Q: What should I consider before purchasing flooring for my basement?   A: Basement flooring options are a little more involved than other flooring options. First, let me address the biggest concern—Moisture. Moisture is a concern in nearly any basement because it is below grade and the lowest surface in the home. Because of this,…

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